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We invite you to take advantage of our free service based on using QR-codes. Our service gives you an opportunity to place information about your objects and create links to this information in the form of a QR-code. You can place this QR-code on your object or spread it by any other means (for example by placing it on flyers). With the help of the QR-code those wanting access to your information will be able to do that within several minutes with the help of a smartphone.

What is a QR-code?

QR-codes represent an image in a square shape with some encoded in it information. The abbreviation QR stands for quick response. You can get more details on Wikipedia.

It is easy to decode QR-codes and to extract the information in them with the help of a smartphone's camera and free software which is broadly available on the Internet. For convenience QR-codes could be divided into two groups: static and dynamic. The difference between these two groups is that static QR-codes contain data and dynamic QR-codes contain a link on a web page in the Internet with some information on it. If we create a dynamic QR-code containing a link to the web page with the information about some object then with the help of a smartphone we can extract the link and open it in our smartphone’s browser. Putting dynamic QR-codes on an object makes them a mediator between people and the information on the internet about the object, thus making the information integrated into that object.

Where QR-codes are used?

The possibilities for using QR-codes are virtually infinite. The main quality of a QR-code is its rather small dimensions which make it possible to use in an environment that lacks free space. The other advantage of this technology is the possibility of changing the information dynamically. As in our case the QR-code contains only the link to the information allocated on the Internet, which gives us an opportunity to edit the information without the needing to change the QR-code itself. Let us say you have a lot of small objects with which you want to link some information (for example you produce some medicine in small boxes) and you want to link instructions to these objects. Traditionally such instructions are written on paper and each object is provided with the instructions. It is obvious that if an inaccuracy or mistake is found, fixing it won't be that easy. In this case you will need to replace all previously printed copies of the instructions. But if we apply the solution based on QR-codes than all the changes in the instructions became available to all the users of your objects.

The other advantage of using QR-codes placed on an object is that the information is “attached” to the object itself. Coming back to the previous example the printed copy of the guidance one can lose but it is impossible to lose a guidance allocated on the Internet and attached to the object with the help of a QR-code.

How to create your own dynamic QR-code?

For your convenience we suggest using several types of domain names for placing your information on our service. We made those domains keeping in mind several areas of using QR-codes. For example the domain dogs24.info is assigned for the information about your dog. You can place the QR-code that you get there on your dog's collar, which can be useful in case you lose your dog. (read more on dogs24.info) Information about any other pets you can place on the domain MyPet24.info. The other medium for using QR-codes is business cards; you can make a QR-code with the link on your personal page on the Internet in domain me24.info. If none of the categories mentioned above are suitable for you we suggest using the general domain about24.info.

For creating and more importantly editing your information later you have to be authorized in our service. You can be authorized in the service with the help of the following social networks: Facebook, Google+, VK, LinkedIn.

If you provided an e-mail address in your profile of your social network, then you will be able to activate tracking of your QR-code scanning and you will receive on that e-mail address the information about your QR-code scanning when someone scans it.

If you are ready to create your own dynamic QR-codes and you already have an account in the mentioned above social networks click on the following link:
Free online dynamic QR-codes generator with tracking of scannings

We hope that you will be pleased with our service and that you will tell your friends and acquaintances about it!